Our Suppliers

At the Lazy Leek we try and source the produce which creates our vegan delights as locally and ethically as possible. Here are selection of the amazing suppliers that we use!

blaencamel sunrise.jpg

Blaencamel Farm, West Wales

We source loads of our veggies and salads from the guys and gals at Blaencamel. All their stuff is organic, their farm is carbon neutral and their produce tastes incredible! The amount they can grow throughout the year on such a small farm (In Wales!) is nothing short of miraculous! 

alex gooch.jpg

Alex Gooch Bakery, South Wales

All of our buns come courtesy of Alex Gooch. 100% organic, 100% vegan, handmade and darn delicious! (especially when toasted on our griddle!). They have even opened a bakery opposite us in the Kings Road Yard so you can pop in and get your breads and pastries when you visit (We recommend the chocolate almond croissants).


Cardiff Salad Garden, Cardiff

Cardiff Salad Garden is a not-for-profit social enterprise combining growing and selling fresh cut salad leaves whilst working with disadvantaged groups of individuals from in and around Cardiff. They are located in Bute Park, only a stones throw away from the Lazy Leek Shack, and deliver everything by bike. It is honestly the best salad we have ever tasted, so we had to have it in our burgers!


W R Bishop, South Wales

A family run business for over 60 years, W R Bishop supply us with fresh veggies and salads. They source their produce locally from Wales and the UK as much as possible and are always on hand to provide us with a last minute delivery when we forget something!


Pipes Brewery, Cardiff

We don't just drink their beer, we use a special blend in our beer batter too! Our Kings Road Yard neighbours do an awesome selection of beers (currently all vegan) which complement our burgers very well. Come and give them a try!

Rogue Preserves.jpg

Rogue Preserves, South Wales

We love chutney, and it doesn't get better than Rogue Preserves' selection! We are currently using their carrot and ginger variety in the Beetmaster General and it tastes insane! They have so many flavours so check them out at markets around Cardiff and events up and down the country.


Paul’s Organic Veg, South Wales

Amazing organic fruits and veggies are grown all year round at Square Farm and Trealy Farm near Monmouth. We often have a browse for some tasty treats to put in our burgers at the Pontcanna Farmers Market (which happens to be on every Saturday just outside the shack!). We highly recommend checking them out at the farmers markets they attend in Usk, Abergavenny and Cardiff



We take our impact on the environment seriously at The Lazy Leek. After lots of research we found the products from Vegware to be the most ecologically sound option out there. Everything they sell (and therefore everything we use) is completely compostable. Packaging is a complicated issue but Sam from the Lazy Leek is always on hand to bore you to tears if you want to find out more!